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Our Trainers Are Serious About Your Success…

You seriously NEED to check out this ridiculously gnarly team! We’re 100% committed to your workout. You will find an atmosphere filled with high energy, motivated and motivating instructors. Come and see what makes us special.


Renowned For Remarkable Results!

50 Years of combined experience – that’s equal to 350 dog years. Dang! We’re Sarasota’s choice for exceptional personal training and group classes. Join one of our super fun classes and get fit TODAY! Certified, knowledgeable and professional, we guarantee you results.


Located at 1489 5th Street in Downtown Sarasota

We’re Downtown! Located in the middle of Sarasota and close to YOU. Get to the gym, get a great workout and get on with your day. It’s a clean, fun facility that’s easy to access and rock the best workout ever in the history of time.

Recent Articles

New Logo 2015

New DEF FIT Swag!

We now have pullovers, burnout baseball tees, long slimming black tank tops and burnout pink and black tanks, cute booty capris and Bondi band headbands in black and pink. For the men we have baseball tees and T-shirts in black and grey. Come by and feel for yourself the quality fabric we chose and prices start at just $10! Only the best for our Def Fit family!


NEW CLASS ALERT! Cycling Mania with Sean- Tuesdays @5:30pm

Cycling Mania with Sean will take you over the edge and up those hills. Lots of high intensity, sweat inducing intervals to get the most of your hours worth of cardio! He is fast, agile & also trained in yoga, so watch out! Come try your first class free & you will be hooked! For all levels beginner to advanced.

New Logo 2015

Back to School, Back to the Grind! Make 2015 YOUR YEAR!

2015 has officially been rung in and the holiday vacations are quickly coming to an end. Here in Sarasota County the kids are going back to school and the schedules begin filling up again. At Definition Fit we are gearing up to bring you a FRESH START with new and improved classes and equipment. We are updating our logo and website,  and are excited about the new improved features we will be offering. Look for new things to come mid-month…

Do you need help with your New Years resolution? Give us a call, or stop by! We have an amazing staff of Certified, knowledgeable trainers that would LOVE to help you!



Def Fit Festivus Challenge

If you’ve missed it, here are days 1-6 of the 12 day #deffitfestivus challenge on Instagram and Facebook.
Join in NOW to win awesome Def Fit swag!
How to enter:
1) Like our page
2) Tag a friend
3) Post a video or picture with
4) Hashtag post with #deffitfestivus and tag us at @def_fit
Follow @def_fit on Instagram for more contests, training tips, and fun Def Fit adventures!




Team Torres World Series of Fighting Update

First of all, Javier Torres we are so proud of you and are honored to have to as a trainer and coach here at Definition Fit. Secondly, thank you to everyone who came out to Tampa to watch & support Javier. Also, thank you to those who live so far but still took the time to watch him online!

In case you missed it, here’s what happened with Javier’s fight:

  1. At the rules meeting the referee said this is your warning, any fingers in the eye will be a point taken or disqualified. Later the cutman that they supplied put vaseline in Javier’s eye before the fight, preventing him from seeing clearly before the fight even started
  2. The boxing commissioner saw this happened and went to Javier’s team after the fight and told them he saw it
  3. Javier then was poked 3 separate times in round 1 – this is highly dangerous and illegal in MMA
  4. During the bell the opponent hit Javier 3-4 times while referee was trying to stop the round
  5. The cutman never even put an inswell on Javier’s eye while in the corner
  6. The doctor was the one who stopped the fight

Currently Javier’s team is trying to get the fight under a review. They are attempting to get it ruled as “No Contest” which means each fighter receives a NC counted in their record and is scored as neither a win nor loss. Javier’s team hopes to push further for a DQ and see the opponent fined as well. They are also still pushing for a rematch. Thank you to everyone that came out to support the fight. We will keep you updated.



Dr. Dave Smith has a presence at Definition Fit even before he walks through the door. As one of our first Personal Training Clients, he has built his body into a well built brick house! He always has a smile on his face, is willing to be pushed to his limits, tries new things willingly and is a pleasure to work with! You can’t ask for more! That’s why a month was just not good enough for this guy! We affectionately nicknamed him Johnny Bravo because he is just that cool. Don’t even try to compete…as his endurance, strength and stamina is beyond compare. His workout buddy is more than 10 years younger and his challenges help give Dr. Smith his edge. After all, he’s got a hot wife and a beautiful baby to protect! Thanks for being so cool and tough Dr. Bravo!!! You make us look good.

Here’s his story-

I was introduced to Definition Fit and Tom’s TRX Power Class 4 years ago when I was looking for a trainer that could intelligently analyze my fitness level and personalize a workout for me. Too many other gyms just wanted to bulk me up and I was more interested in maintaining strength and lean muscle while losing body fat. Tom knew instantly that I needed to work on my core and on lengthening my muscles so as to prevent injuries and help me keep up my active lifestyle as I neared 50 years old.

My favorite hobby is helicopter skiing and even when there are no helicopters around, I still like to ski the more extreme stuff! The whole crew at Def Fit has always taken an active interest in every person that works out at their facility no matter which trainer has you as a client. Tom educated me in all aspects (workouts, core, TRX, cardio & nutrition), but I have learned a great amount of practical information from everyone there about proper form, different functional training exercises, dietary tips and more.

Tom’s TRX classes and personal training hours have definitely gotten me in the best shape of my life and with an incredibly strong core that serves me well not just in skiing, but in everyday life as well. It helps me keep up with my growing toddler! The best is when a new masseuse at a ski lodge asks me if I am a professional athlete or when a client at my veterinary  practice asks if I used to play football. I have to laugh and say “No” but then I always give credit for the compliment to Tom Johnson and Definition Fit!


Levi Root Joins Definition Fit Team!

Ok folks, the early morning fun continues! We are thrilled to announce that Levi Root has joined our team and will be brining his awesome class ROOT CAMP to our schedule. Join Levi on TUESDAY mornings at 7am beginning November 4th!

Levi Root joins the Definition Fit team from Burlington, Vermont, where he was a four year letter winner on the Men’s Varsity Track and Field Team at the University of Vermont. Through the tutelage of his event coach he developed a passion for the human body and increasing athletic performance. After graduation in 2010, Levi became certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, holding their Certified Personal Trainer credential, as well as coaching Division 1 high school track and field at Mount Mansfield Union High School. Levi began working with corrective exercise and finding ways to make every body as efficient and pain free as it was intended to be. This lead Levi to golf fitness, and back to game that he has been playing for over a decade.
Levi became certified by the Titleist Performance Institute as a Level 2 Fitness and Level 2 Power Development Professional and opened Root Golf Performance in May of 2014. Following the TPI model Levi is able to identify physical limitations in a person’s body that cause inefficiencies in the golf swing, robbing it of power as well as consistency. Levi believes that every body is meant to perform at its peak, and only by starting from the ground up can optimal efficiency be achieved. When not training you can find Levi playing various sports ranging from golf, to cycling, to rugby.


Mexican Madness 1, That Other Guy 0

That crazy Mexican has done it again! On Oct 18th, Saturday night in Mexico City our very own Javier Chunty Boy Torres won his fight in the 2nd round by submission! You can watch the whole fight at this link: JAVIER TORRES FIGHT

We are so proud of our beloved Mad Mexican, make sure to give him a high five or kick to the face when you see him next.

Due to his excellent skill and hard work he was immediately offered the opportunity to fight again at the World Series of Fighting on Nov 15th right here in Tampa, FL. Tickets will be available soon at the WSOF website. Team up with the Definition Fit group and let’s support our favorite MMA fighter!
For updates make sure to follow Definition Fit on Facebook at www.facebook/



Melanie Mania Mornings are changing from 5:30am to 6:00am W, F starting next week! Her class will push you to your limits and make you feel muscles you never thought you had! She has been known to build some pretty amazing rockstar athletes and challenge and inspire even those beginning their fitness journey. Her format is simple to follow and very effective! High Intensity Interval Training! Come see for yourself what all the hype is about. First class is on us!